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PO2 (0.5), PO2 at half saturation, Oxygen Dissociation, EPIC: LAB5353

Pancreastatin, Plasma
EPIC: LAB6312, Beaker: XPANC, Mayo: FPANP

Pancreatic Elastase 1 (E1) in Stool
Fecal Elastase, E1, EPIC: LAB6122, Beaker: XPE1F, Mayo: ELASF

Pancreatic Fluid Chemical Tests
Fluid Pancreatic, Amylase, Pancreatic Fluid: EPIC: LAB6930, Beaker: AMYPN, CA 19-9, Pancreatic Fluid: EPIC: LAB6957, Beaker: C19PN, CEA, Pancreatic Fluid: EPIC: LAB6961, Beaker: CEAPN 

NOTE: Royal Oak is the ONLY campus that performs the CA 19-9, Pancreatic Fluid.

Pancreatic Polypeptide
EPIC: LAB6313, Beaker: XPANP, Mayo: HPP

Pap Test, Conventional Pap Smear

Pap Test, ThinPrep®
ThinPrep, Thin layer Pap specimen, ThinPrep Pap test, Liquid based Cytology, PAP TEST (THIN PREP), PAPT, EPIC: LAB6674

Papaya (Allergen Specific IgE)
Papaya (Rf293), Antrim #31915, EPIC: LAB5676, SOFT: EPAA

Paper Wasp (Allergen Specific IgE)
Paper Wasp (i4), Paper Wasp Venom (i4), Antrim #31920, EPIC: LAB5677, SOFT: EPRW

Paprika/Sweet Pepper (Allergen Specific IgE)
EPIC: LAB7777, Beaker: XPEPSWIGE, Warde: F218

Paraneoplastic Panel, CSF
MAYO: PAC1, EPIC: LAB7611, Beaker:

Paraneoplastic Panel, Serum

Parathyroid Hormone
Intact PTH, Intact Human Parathyroid Hormone, PTH, Whole Molecule, Total Calcium, EPIC: LAB5815, Beaker: PTHG, Antrim #17229

Paxil, Seroxet, EPIC: LAB6314, Beaker: XPARX, Mayo: PARO

Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria Screen
PNH Screening Assay, PI Antigen, PI Linked Antigen, Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) Screening Assay, Flow Cytometry, Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) Screening Assay, EPIC: LAB6417, Beaker: FPNHG

Parsley (Allergen Specific IgE)
Parsley (f86), Antrim #31925, EPIC: LAB5678, SOFT: EPAR

Parvovirus B19 Antibodies, IgG and IgM
Erythema infectiosum (EI) Antibodies, Fifth Disease Antibodies, Hungarian Measles Antibodies, EPIC: LAB6756, Beaker: , Mayo: PARVS

Parvovirus B19 Antibody, IgG
Erythema infectiosum (EI) IgG, Fifth disease IgG, Hungarian measles IgG, EPIC: LAB6754, SOFT: PARVG

Parvovirus B19 Antibody, IgM

Parvovirus B19 by PCR
EPIC: LAB6315, Beaker: XPARV, ARUP: 60043

Path Consult, Hematology
Pathologist Consult, EPIC Users: O139820 or O137869, Non-EPIC Users: LAB8502 and LAB6724

PD-L1 22C3
Keytruda (pembrolizumab), Tumor Proportion Score, TPS, Combined Positive Score, CPS, Specimen Collection Criteria, EPIC: LAB7092

Pea (Allergen Specific IgE)
Pea (f12), Antrim #31930, EPIC: LAB5679, SOFT: EPE

Peach (Allergen Specific IgE)
Peach (f95), Antrim #31935, EPIC: LAB5680, SOFT: EPEC

Peanut (Allergen Specific IgE)
Peanut (f13), Antrim #31388, EPIC: LAB5681, SOFT: EPNU

Peanut IgE with Reflex to Components
Peanut (f13), Ara h 1 (f422), Ara h 2 (f423), Ara h 3 (f424), Ara h 8 (f427), Ara h 9 (f352), EPIC: LAB7146, SOFT: PWRTC

Pear (Allergen Specific IgE)
Pear (f94), Antrim #30047, EPIC: LAB5682, SOFT: EPER

Pecan (Allergen Specific IgE)
Pecan (f201), Antrim #31421, EPIC: LAB5683, SOFT: EPEN

Pediatric B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia FISH Panel Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Analysis
FISH, genetic, ALL, COG, pediatric FISH panel, SOFT GPALL, SOFT GPAL2, ETV6/RUNX1and BCR/ABL1 fusion, MLL gene rearrangement, chromosome 4, and 10 trisomies, TCF3/PBX1 gene rearrangement, PDGFRB gene rearrangement, ABL1 and ABL2 gene rearrangements, and IGH/IL3 gene rearrangement, Children's Oncology Group, EPIC: LAB5203

Penicillium chrysogenum (Allergen Specific IgE)
Penicillium chrysogenum/notatum, EPIC: LAB5685, SOFT: EPNN

Penicilloyl G (DRUG) (Allergen Specific IgE)
Penicilloyl G (Drug) Allergen Specific IgE, Penicilloyl G, Drug (c1), Antrim #31940, EPIC: LAB5688, SOFT: EPEG

Penicilloyl V (DRUG) (Allergen Specific IgE)
Penicilloyl V (Drug) Allergen Specific IgE, Penicilloyl V, Drug (c2), Antrim #31950, EPIC: LAB5689, SOFT: EPEV

Pentobarbital Level
Nembutal, Antrim #17010, EPIC: LAB5408, SOFT: PENTO

Fycompa, EPIC: LAB7566, Beaker: XPERAM, Mayo: FPERP

Peripheral Blood (Constitutional) Karyotype
Karyotyping, Chromosome Analysis, Karyogram, Blood Karyotype, Chromosome Studies, genetic, GBLGT, cytogenetics, EPIC: LAB5919

Peritoneal Fluid Chemical Tests

  • Dearborn performs Albumin, Amylase, Bilirubin, Cholesterol, Creatinine, Lactate Dehydrogenase, Glucose, Protein, and Triglycerides.
  • Farmington Hills performs Albumin, Amylase, Glucose, Lactate Dehydrogenase, pH and Protein.
  • Grosse Pointe performs Albumin, Amylase, Glucose, pH, Protein and Triglycerides.
  • Troy performs Albumin, Amylase, Bilirubin, Cholesterol, Creatinine, Glucose, Lactate Dehydrogenase, pH, Protein and Triglycerides.
  • Royal Oak performs Albumin, Amylase, Bilirubin, CA 19-9, Cholesterol, Glucose, Lactate Dehydrogenase, pH, Protein and Triglycerides.

Fluid Peritoneal, Paracentesis, Albumin, Peritoneal Fluid: EPIC: LAB6933,  ABPYL, Amylase, Peritoneal Fluid: EPIC: LAB6931, AYPYL, Bilirubin, Peritoneal Fluid: EPIC: LAB6955, BILPN, CA 19-9, Peritoneal Fluid: EPIC: LAB6958,  C19PL, Cholesterol, Peritoneal Fluid: EPIC: LAB6950, CHPYL, Creatinine, Peritoneal Fluid: EPIC: LAB6956, CRPYL, Glucose, Peritoneal Fluid: EPIC: LAB6934, GLPYL, Lactate Dehydrogenase (LD), Peritoneal Fluid: EPIC: LAB6959, LDPYL, pH, Fluid: EPIC: LAB5259, PHFLD, Protein, Peritoneal Fluid: EPIC: LAB6954, PRPYL, Triglycerides, Peritoneal Fluid: EPIC: LAB6951, TRPYL

pH, Gastric
Gastric pH, EPIC: LAB5357, Beaker: PHGAS

pH, Pleural Fluid
Fluid pH (Pleural), EPIC: LAB5259, PHFLD

pH, Urine
Urine pH, pH, Urine by Meter, EPIC: LAB6999, Beaker: UPH

Drug Street Name: PCP, Angel Dust, ARUP: 2010460, Order as a Miscellaneous Send Out.

Phencyclidine Confirmation (PCP), Urine
Urine Phencyclidine Screen, PCP, Angel dust, Phencyclidine Screen, Urine, Antrim: 17079, EPIC: LAB7015, SOFT: PCP9

Nardil®, NMS: 3550SP, Order as a Miscellaneous Send Out.

Phenobarbital Level
Luminal, Donnatal, Quadrinal, Phenobarbital Level, Serum, EPIC: LAB5409, Beaker: PHENO, Antrim: 15955

Phenobarbital, Free and Total
Luminal, Barbital, Solfoton, Donnatal, Bellatal, EPIC: LAB6126, Beaker: XPHNF, ARUP: 91551

Phenylalanine Monitoring, Plasma, ARUP: 80315, Order as a Miscellaneous Send Out (LAB6433).

Phenytoin Level
Total Phenytoin, Dilantin, Phenytoin Level, Serum, Antrim #17143, EPIC: LAB5410, PHENY

Phenytoin Level, Free (including Total)
Dilantin, Free (Unbound) Phenytoin, Serum, Antrim #17243, EPIC: LAB5411, SOFT: PHENF

Phosphatidylethanol, Whole Blood, Quantitative
PEth, 1, 2-dioleoylo-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanol, 1-palmitoyl-2-sn-glycero-3-phosph, EPIC: LAB7156, Beaker: XPETH, ARUP: 3002598

Phospholipase A2 Receptor Antibody (PLA2R)
EPIC: LAB7163, Beaker: XPLA2, ARUP: 2011828

Phosphate, PO4, Inorganic Phosphate, EPIC: LAB5099, Beaker: PHOS, Antrim: 17259

Phosphorus, Urine
Urine Phosphorus, 24 Hour Urine: EPIC: LAB5448, Beaker: PO424, Random Urine: EPIC: LAB5447, Beaker: PHOSU, Antrim: 19169

Pine Nut (Allergen Specific IgE)
pignoles, Pine Nut (Rf253), Antrim #31422, EPIC: LAB5690, SOFT: EPIN

Pineapple (Allergen Specific IgE)
Pineapple (f210), Antrim #31955, EPIC: LAB5691, SOFT: EPIA

Pinto Bean (Allergen Specific IgE)
EPIC: LAB7790, Beaker: XNBNIGE, Warde: BEAPE

Pinworm Exam
Enterobius vermicularis, enterobiasis, Scotch tape prep, Pinworm Examination, EPIC: LAB5520

Piperacillin Level
Zosyn, Piperacillin-tazobactam, EPIC: LAB7871, Beaker: XPIP, ARUP: 60842

Pistachio Nut (Allergen Specific IgE)
Pistachio Nut (f203), Antrim #31423, EPIC: LAB5692, SOFT: EPIS

Plasma Cell Myeloma FISH Panel by Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) Analysis
FISH, myeloma panel, GMYE2, genetic, p53 gene/CEP17 for 17p deletion, RB1 gene (13q14), LAMP1 gene (13q34) for monosomy 13/13q deletion, CEP3/CEP7 for detection of hyperdiploidy, CCNDI and IgH gene rearrangement, CKS1B/CDKN2C (p18) Amplification/Deletion, EPIC: LAB5125

Plasma Hemoglobin, Whole Blood
Plasma Hemoglobin (Free Hemoglobin), EPIC: LAB5100, Beaker: PLHGB, Antrim: 13395

Plasminogen Activity, Antrim #26506, EPIC: LAB5197, PLMGN

Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor 1 Activity
EPIC: LAB6318, Beaker: XPAIA, Mayo: PAI1

Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor Genotyping
EPIC: LAB7572, Beaker: XPAI1G, ARUP: 2004980

Platelet Antigen Typing Panel
Platelet Antigen Typing (Level 1, 2, and 3), Platelet Typing, EPIC: LAB6441, Beaker: XPLAG, Blood Center of Wisconsin / Versiti: 5600

Platelet Aggregation
Platelet Function Studies, Ristocetin Aggregation, RIPA Study, EPIC: LAB5198, PLTAG

Platelet Associated Antibodies
PAIg, Anti Platelet AB, Flow Cytometry, Platelet Associated Antibody Assay, Platelet Antibody Direct, EPIC: LAB6910, Beaker: XPLAB, Warde: PLABD

Platelet Count
PLT, EPIC: LAB5156, Antrim: 20310

Platelet Drug Monitoring Aggregation

Platelet Function Analysis (PFA)
Platelet Function Evaluation, Platelet Function Screen, Antrim #26245, EPIC: LAB5200

Platelet Hyperaggregation
Sticky Platelets, EPIC: LAB5201, PLTHY

Platelet LUMI Aggregation
EPIC: LAB5202, Beaker: PLTLU

Platelet Neutralization Procedure
PNP, Platelet Neutralization Procedure (PNP), EPIC: LAB5203, PNP

Pleural Fluid Chemical Analysis

  • Dearborn performs Albumin, Amylase, Bilirubin, Cholesterol, Creatinine, Glucose, Lactate Dehydrogenase, pH, Protein, and Triglycerides.
  • Farmington Hills performs Albumin, Amylase, Glucose, Lactate Dehydrogenase, pH and Protein.
  • Grosse Pointe performs Albumin, Amylase, Glucose, Lactate Dehydrogenase, pH, Protein and Triglycerides.
  • Taylor performs pH.
  • Trenton performs pH.
  • Troy performs Albumin, Amylase, Bilirubin, Cholesterol, Glucose, Lactate Dehydrogenase, pH, Protein and Triglycerides.
  • Royal Oak performs Albumin, Amylase, Bilirubin, CA 19-9, Cholesterol, Glucose, Lactate Dehydrogenase, pH, Protein and Triglycerides. 
  • Wayne performs pH. 

Fluid Pleural, Thoracentesis, Albumin, Pleural Fluid, Left: EPIC: LAB6947, ALBP2, Albumin, Pleural Fluid, Right: EPIC: LAB6946, ALBPL, Amylase, Pleural Fluid, Left: EPIC: LAB6945, AMYP2, Amylase, Pleural Fluid, Right: EPIC: LAB6944,  AMYPL, Bilirubin, Pleural Fluid, Left: EPIC: LAB6953, BILP2, Bilirubin, Pleural Fluid, Right: EPIC: LAB6952, BILPL, Cholesterol, Pleural Fluid, Left: EPIC: LAB6949, CHPL2, Cholesterol, Pleural Fluid, Right: EPIC: LAB6948,  CHPLR, Glucose, Pleural Fluid, Left: EPIC: LAB6943, GLPLL, Glucose, Pleural Fluid, Right: EPIC: LAB6942, GLPLR, Lactate Dehydrogenase (LD), Pleural Fluid, Left: EPIC: LAB6941, LDPL2, Lactate Dehydrogenase (LD), Pleural Fluid, Right: EPIC: LAB6940, LDPLR, pH, Fluid: EPIC: LAB5259, PHFLD, Protein, Pleural Fluid, Left: EPIC: LAB6939, PRPL2, Protein, Pleural Fluid, Right: EPIC: LAB6938,  PRPLR, Triglycerides, Pleural Fluid, Left: EPIC: LAB6937, TRPL2, Triglycerides, Pleural Fluid, Right: EPIC: LAB6936, TRPLR, Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9, Pleural Fluid Left: EPIC: LAB7041, LC19P, Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9, Pleural Fluid Right: EPIC: LAB7042, RC19P

Plum (Allergen Specific IgE)
Plum (f255), Antrim #31960, EPIC: LAB5693, SOFT: EPLU

PM 1 Antibody
PM-Scl antibody, PM-1 Antibody, PM/Scl-100 Antibody, IgG, EPIC: LAB6319, Beaker: XPM1A, ARUP: 2003040

PML / RARA Quantitative by PCR
Acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL), acute myeloid leukemia (AML), EPIC: LAB6801, Beaker: XPML, Mayo: PMLR

Pneumococcal Antibodies, IgG
Streptococcus Pneumoniae Antibodies, 23 Serotypes, EPIC: LAB6129, Beaker: XPNAB, Mayo: PN23M

Poliovirus Antibodies
EPIC: LAB6130, Beaker: XPOLI, Mayo: FPOLO

Pollen Screen IgE
Allergen Pollen Screen, EPIC: LAB5694, SOFT: EPLNS

Polychlorinated Biphenyls
PCB, EPIC: LAB6131, Beaker: XPLB, ARUP: 2013230

Poppy Seed (Allergen Specific IgE)

Pork (Allergen Specific IgE)
Pork (f26), Antrim #31544, EPIC: LAB5695, SOFT: EPOR

Porphobilinogen B - Deaminase, Erythrocytes
Uroporphyrinogen synthase, Porphobilinogen (PBG) Deaminase, Erythrocytes, EPIC: LAB6637, Beaker: XPBG, Mayo: PBGD

Porphobilinogen, 24-Hour Urine Quantitative
EPIC: LAB7144, Beaker: XPBGU, ARUP: 80260

Porphyrins and Porphobilinogen (PBG), Urine
EPIC: LAB8531, Beaker: XPORPBGU, ARUP: 2002181

Porphyrins, 24-Hour Urine Quantitative
EPIC: LAB6269, Beaker: XPOUR, Mayo: PQNU

Porphyrins, Fractionation, Plasma
Plasma Porphyrins Fractionation, EPIC: LAB6597, Beaker: XPOPR, Mayo: PTP

Porphyrins, Stool
Porphyrins, 24-Hour, Feces, EPIC: LAB6132, Beaker: XPORF, Mayo: FQPPS

Noxafil, Posanol, Posaconazole Level, EPIC: LAB7169, SOFT: POSAC

Post Vasectomy Check
Antrim #20325, EPIC: LAB5157

Potassium, Direct Potentiometry, Whole Blood
K, Potassium, KWB, EPIC: LAB5362

Potassium, Plasma
K, EPIC: LAB6620, Beaker: KPL

Potassium, Serum
K, Antrim #15770, EPIC: LAB5101, K

Potassium, Urine
Urine Potassium, Urine K, Random: EPIC: LAB5449, Beaker: KU, 24-Hour: EPIC: LAB5450, Beaker: KU24

Prader-Willi/Angelman Syndrome Methylation Molecular Analysis
Methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction studies for Prader-Willi syndrome and Angelman syndrome, DNA deletion and uniparental disomy studies for Prader-Willi and Angelman syndromes, EPIC: LAB7157, SOFT: GPWAG

EPIC: LAB5102, Beaker: PALB, Antrim: 11750

Lyrica, EPIC: LAB6638, Beaker: XPRGL, Mayo: PGN

EPIC: LAB6135, Beaker: XPRGN, Mayo: PREGN

Pregnenolone, 17
Hydroxypregnenolone, 17-, Pregnenolone, 17-OH-, EPIC: LAB6063, Beaker: X17PG, Mayo: 17OHP

Prekallikrein Assay
Prekallikrein (Fletcher Factor) Assay, EPIC: LAB6321, Beaker: XPREK, ARUP: 0099043

Premature Adrenarche: Profile 1
EPIC: LAB6136, Beaker: XPA1, Mayo: (custom panel)

Premature Adrenarche: Profile 2
EPIC: LAB6322, Beaker: XPA2, Mayo: (custom panel)

Prenatal Fragile X Syndrome, Amniotic Fluid or CVS
EPIC: LAB7961, Beaker: XPFRGX, DMC: 332122 and 323022

Prenatal Interphase Aneuploidy Screen by Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) Analysis
FISH, aneuvision, prenatal FISH, genetic, GPFGT (amnio), GPFGV (CVS), AneuVysion Panel (13, 18, 21, X, Y), AneuVysion Prenatal Panel (13, 18, 21, X, Y), Amnio: EPIC: LAB6466, CVS: EPIC: LAB6467

Prenatal Panel
Obstetric Panel, SOFT: OBPAN

Prenatal SNP Array Karyotyping, Prenatal Chromosome Microarray Analysis (CMA)
Microarray, SNP, prenatal SNP, genetic, GSNPP, EPIC: LAB6770

Pre-Transplant Drug Screen
EPIC: LAB6323, Beaker: XPTDS, ARUP: 92420

Primidone (including Phenobarbital)
Mysoline®, EPIC: LAB6963, SOFT: PRIMD

Procainamide Level (including NAPA)
Pronestyl, Acecainide, NAPA, Procainamide and N-Acetylprocainamide (NAPA), EPIC: LAB6833, Beaker: XPRNA, Mayo: PA

Procalcitonin, Plasma, EPIC: LAB6906, PCT

Products of Conception Aneuploidy Evaluation by Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) Analysis
FISH, POC FISH, genetic, GPOC2, POC Aneuploidy Detection Panel (13, 16, 18, 21, 22, X, Y), EPIC: LAB6700

Products of Conception Karyotype
Chromosome Testing, Karyotyping, Chromosome Analysis, Karyogram, POC, genetic, GOTGT, cytogenetics, EPIC: LAB6461

Antrim #17016, EPIC: LAB5103, PROG

Progesterone Quantitative by HPLC-MS/MS, Serum or Plasma
This test is subject to pathology approval prior to sending to the reference laboratory for testing, ARUP #2008509, Order as a Miscellaneous Send Out.

Progesterone, 17
17-OHP, 17-alphahydroxyprogesterone, hydroxyprogesterone, 17alpha-, Progesterone, 17-OH- (17-Alpha-hydroxyprogesterone), EPIC: LAB7000, Beaker: X17YP, Mayo: OHPG

Proinsulin Level
EPIC: LAB6138, Beaker: XPROI, Mayo: PINS

EPIC: LAB5104, Beaker: PROL, Antrim: 17232

Propafenone Level, Serum
Rythmol, EPIC: LAB5413, Beaker: XPROPF, Mayo: PFN

Propoxyphene and Metabolite, Quantitative
Darvon®, EPIC: LAB6139, Beaker: XPROPOX, ARUP: 3003723

Protein C Activity
Protein C Functional, Antrim #26250, EPIC: LAB5205, PCACT

Protein Creatinine Ratio, Urine
Urine Protein/Creatinine Ratio, Protein/Creatinine Ratio, Urine, 24-Hour Urine: EPIC: LAB7082, Beaker: PCU24, Random Urine: EPIC: LAB5451, Beaker: UPCR, Antrim: 18240

Protein Electrophoresis, Serum
SPE, SPEP, Antrim #31270, EPIC: LAB5874, SOFT: SPE

Protein Electrophoresis, Urine
UPEP, Urine Protein Electrophoresis, Bence-Jones Protein, Urine Light Chains, Monoclonal Gammopathy, Urine., Random Urine: EPIC: LAB5875, SOFT: UPEUR, 24 Hour Urine: EPIC: LAB5876, SOFT: UPE24

Protein S Activity
Protein S Functional, EPIC: LAB5206, Beaker: PSACT, Antrim: 19639

Protein, CSF
CSF Protein, Protein, Cerebrospinal Fluid, Cerebrospinal Fluid Protein, Protein in Spinal Fluid, Protein, Spinal Fluid, EPIC: LAB5109, Beaker: PRCSF

Protein, Fluid
Fluid Protein (CSF, Peritoneal, Pleural), CSF: EPIC: LAB5109, PRCSF, Peritoneal Fluid: EPIC: LAB6954, PRPYL, Pleural Fluid, Left: EPIC: LAB6939, PRPL2, Pleural Fluid, Right: EPIC: LAB6938, PRPLR, Fluid Protein (CSF, Peritoneal, Pleural), CSF: EPIC: LAB5109, PRCSF, Peritoneal Fluid: EPIC: LAB6954, PRPYL, Pleural Fluid, Left: EPIC: LAB6939, PRPL2, Pleural Fluid, Right: EPIC: LAB6938, PRPLR

Protein, Total
Total Protein, EPIC: LAB5108, Beaker: TP, Antrim: 17260

Protein, Urine
Urine Protein, 24 Hour Urine: EPIC: LAB5453, Beaker: PRO24, Random Urine: EPIC: LAB5452, Beaker: PROUR

Proteinase 3 Autoantibodies
PR3, Serine Protease 3 Antibody, EPIC: LAB6324, Beaker: XPR3, Warde: PR3AB

Prothrombin Genotyping for Thrombotic Risk Assessment
Prothrombin Mutation Analysis, Factor II genotyping, Prothrombin 20210 mutation analysis, EPIC: LAB6389, Beaker: GPROG

Protime and aPTT
PT/PTT, PT/aPTT, PT and PTT, Antrim #26453, EPIC: LAB5209

Protime INR
PT, Prothrombin Time, Pro-Time, Protime (Prothrombin Time), EPIC: LAB5208

Vivactyl®, EPIC: LAB6140, Beaker: XPTL, ARUP: 90106

Pseudocholinesterase (PCHE)
EPIC: LAB7173, Beaker: XTPCH, Mayo: PCHE1

PTH Related Peptide (Parathyroid Hormone-Related Protein)
PTH-RP, Humoral Hypercalcemia of Malignancy Factor, EPIC: LAB6141, Beaker: XPTHP, Mayo: PTHRP

PTH, Intra Operative
Intra-Operative PTH, Parathyroid Hormone for the Operating Room (OR PTH), Baseline PTH, EPIC: LAB5111, Beaker: IPTH, EPIC: LAB6296, Beaker: IPTH

Pumpkin (Allergen Specific IgE)
EPIC: LAB7800, Beaker: XPUMPIGE, Warde: F225

Pumpkin Seed (Allergen Specific IgE)

Mestinon, Regonol, Pyridostigmine (Mestinon), NMS: 4038SP, Order as a Miscellaneous Send Out.

Daraprim®, NMS: 4045SP, Order as a Miscellaneous Send Out.

Pyruvate Kinase
EPIC: LAB6143, Beaker: XPK, Mayo: PK

Pyruvic Acid Blood
EPIC: LAB6763, Beaker: XPABL, Mayo: PYR

Pyruvic Acid CSF
EPIC: LAB6764, Beaker: XPACS, Mayo: PYRC

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