Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

EPIC Beaker

EPIC Beaker is a laboratory information system that is part of our hospital EPIC system. The laboratory has been developing EPIC Beaker in a partnership with the Information Technology Department. Having the laboratory system embedded into the hospital system will provide a complete patient record. EPIC Beaker will "go live" on November 1st and may experience delays for the first few days as we stabilize the system.

Like any large IT implementation, issues may arise. What you can watch for:

  • Reporting issues (EMR, Faxing, Printing)
  • Specimen delays are possible during our first week while we adjust and workout any issues.
  • Billing issues (moving to EPIC billing from Soft)
  • With this update there will be changes to send out testing, critical values, reference ranges and report formatting.




    If you are having any issues, please contact Corewell Health
    Laboratory Customer Service Department:

    or 248-551-1155, Option 5



    For more information on all lab testing please see the Lab Test Directory.