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Here is what we have found for you. To view details of a test, click on its name. If you have a question, please contact Beaumont Reference Laboratory at 1-800-551-0488.

Gabapentin Level
Neurontin, Gabapentin (Neurontin), Antrim #16955, EPIC: LAB5391, SOFT: GABAP

Galactose 1 Phosphate Uridyltransferase (GPUT), Blood
Galactose-1-Phosphate Uridyltransferase, EPIC: LAB6035, Beaker: XGPUT, Mayo: GALT

GAM (IgG, IgA, IgM)
Immunoglobulin G, Immunoglobulin A, Immunoglobulin M, GAM (Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA, IgM)), EPIC: LAB5785, GAM

Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT)
GGTP, GGT, Gamma Glutamyl Transpeptidase, EPIC: LAB5051, Beaker: GGTB, Antrim: 17137

Garlic (Allergen Specific IgE)
Garlic (f47), Antrim #31830, EPIC: LAB5640, SOFT: EGRL

Gastric Analysis

EPIC: LAB6036, Beaker: XGAST, Warde: GAS

Gastrointestinal Tract Brush Specimens
Cytology, Non-Gyn Gastrointestinal Specimen, CYTOLOGY, MEDICAL FNA, esophageal brush, gastric brush, duodenal brush, colonic brush, EPIC: LAB6797

Gastrointestinal Tract Washings
Esophageal washing, Gastric washing, Duodenal washing, Colon washing, Rectal washing, Cytology, Non-Gyn Gastrointestinal Specimen, CYTOLOGY, MEDICAL NON-GYN , EPIC: LAB6797

Gelatin Bovine (Allergen Specific IgE)
EPIC: LAB7809, Beaker: XGLBVIGE, Warde: GELBE

Gentamicin Level, Serum
Gent, LEVEL: EPIC: LAB5392, Beaker: GENTA, Antrim: 17510,  PEAK: EPIC: LAB5393, Beaker: GENTP, Antrim: 17248,  TROUGH: EPIC: LAB5394, Beaker: GENTT, Antrim: 17500,  EID: (Is ONLY performed at Grosse Pointe, Royal Oak and Troy) EPIC: LAB5395, Beaker: GENTD, Antrim: 17500

GHB Screen, Urine
Drug Street Name: Great Bodily Harm, Georgia Home Boy, Scoop, Liquid Ecstasy, GHB (Gamma Hydroxybutyrate), Antrim #83037, EPIC: LAB5900, SOFT: GHBSC

Giant Ragweed (Allergen Specific IgE)
Giant Ragweed (w3), Antrim #31835, EPIC: LAB5641, SOFT: EGIR

Ginger (Allergen Specific IgE)
EPIC: LAB7801, Beaker: XGNGRIGE, Warde: RF270

Gliadin (Deamidated) Antibodies
Celiac disease, Gliadin Antibody Panel, tropical sprue, Gliadin Antibody, IgG, Gliadin Antibody, IgA, Gliadin Antibodies IgA, IgG, EPIC: LAB5760, SOFT: GLI2

Glomerular Basement Membrane Antibody IgG, Serum
Anti-GBM (Glomerular Basement Membrane), GBM-Antibody, Antiglomerular Basement Membrane Antibody-IgG, EPIC: LAB6037, Beaker: XGBM, Warde: GBM

EPIC: LAB6038, Beaker: XGLUC, Mayo: GLP

Glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD)
G-6-PD, Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase, Antrim #16975, EPIC: LAB5857, SOFT: G6PD

Glucose Phosphate Isomerase, Erythrocytes
EPIC: LAB6039, Beaker: XGPI, Mayo: GPI1

Glucose Pregnancy Screen, 1-Hour Post 50 g Glucola
1-hour 50 g, Pregnancy Glucose Screen, Glucose Intolerance Screen, EPIC: LAB6668, Beaker: GLINT

Glucose Tolerance 2-Hour, Pregnancy (75 g Glucola)
Pregnancy GTT 2-hour 75 g, 2-hour Pregnancy Glucose Tolerance Test 75 g, Pregnancy Glucose Tolerance Test, 2-Hour 75 g, EPIC: LAB5001, Beaker: GLTP2, Antrim: 13285

Glucose Tolerance 3-Hour, Pregnancy (100 g Glucola)
Pregnancy GTT 3-hour 100 g, 3-Hour Pregnancy Glucose Tolerance Test 100 g, Pregnancy Glucose Tolerance Test, 3-hour 100 g, EPIC: LAB5059, Beaker: GLTPR, Antrim: 13285

Glucose Tolerance Test (Outpatient Only)
2 hr Glucose Tolerance Test, GTT, 2 Hour GTT: EPIC: LAB5054, Beaker: GTT2

Glucose, 2-Hour Post Prandial
PC Glucose, Prescribed Meal: EPIC: LAB5061, Beaker: GL2PC, Glucola Load: EPIC: LAB5065, Beaker: GLUPG

Glucose, Fluid
Fluid Glucose (Peritoneal, Pleural), CSF: EPIC: LAB5268, Beaker: GLCSF, Dialysate Fluid: EPIC: LAB6960, Beaker: GLDIL, Peritoneal Fluid: EPIC: LAB6934, Beaker: GLPYL, Pleural Fluid, Left: EPIC: LAB6943, Beaker: GLPLL, Pleural Fluid, Right: EPIC: LAB6942, Beaker: GLPLR

Glucose, Pancreatic Fluid

Glucose, Serum or Plasma
Blood Sugar (Random Blood Sugar, Fasting Blood Sugar), Random Glucose: EPIC: LAB5062, GLU   Fasting Glucose: EPIC: LAB5053, GLFAS

Glucose, Urine
Urine Glucose, 24-Hour Urine: EPIC: LAB6600, Beaker: GLU24, Random Urine: EPIC: LAB6599, Beaker: GLUUR

Glucose, Whole Blood
Blood Sugar, EPIC: LAB5345, GLUW

Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase (GAD65) Antibody
GAD Antibody, GAD65, stiff-man syndrome, EPIC: LAB6040, Beaker: XGAD, Mayo: GAD65S

Gluten (Allergen Specific IgE)
Wheat protein, Gluten (f79), Antrim #31519, EPIC: LAB5642, SOFT: EGLT

Glutethimide Level
Doriden®, NMS: 9443SP, Order as a Miscellaneous Send Out.

GM1 Antibody Panel
Ganglioside-Monosialic Acid Antibodies, EPIC: LAB6042, Beaker: XGM1, ARUP: 50591

Goldenrod (Allergen Specific IgE)
Goldenrod (w12), Antrim #31840, EPIC: LAB5643, SOFT: EGOL

Goose Feathers (Allergen Specific IgE)
Goose Feathers (e70), Antrim #31845, EPIC: LAB5644, SOFT: EGSE

Grain Panel (IgE)
Grain Allergy Panel, Grain Panel, EPIC: LAB5645, SOFT: EGRAN

Grape (Allergen Specific IgE)

Green Beans (Allergen Specific IgE)
Green Beans (f315), Antrim #31850, EPIC: LAB5648, SOFT: EGRB

Group A Strep by Nucleic Acid Amplification (with or without Susceptibility)
GAS, Streptococcus, Throat, Pharynx, Pharyngitis, Rectal, Perirectal,
Group A Strep by NAA without Susceptibility: EPIC: LAB6907, Beaker: SSA
Group A Strep by NAA with Susceptibility: EPIC: LAB6908, Beaker: SSAS

Growth Hormone Level
Human growth hormone, hGH, somatotropin, Growth Hormone, Antrim #17034, EPIC: LAB5809, SOFT: GH

Gum Arabic (Allergen Specific IgE)
EPIC: LAB7814, Beaker: XGUMAIGE, Warde: RF297

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