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Here is what we have found for you. To view details of a test, click on its name. If you have a question, please contact Corewell Health Reference Laboratory at 1-800-551-0488.

Walnut (Allergen Specific IgE)
Walnut Food (f256), Antrim #31400, EPIC: LAB5731, SOFT: EWLN

Warfarin Sensitivity Genotyping
CYP2C9/VKORC1 Genotype for Coumadin Hyper-Responsiveness, CYP2C9/VKORC1 Genotype for Warfarin Hyper-Responsiveness, EPIC: LAB7043, Beaker: XYP29, ARUP: 3001541

Warfarin, Plasma
Coumadin, EPIC: LAB6185, Beaker: XWARL, Mayo: FWARP

Watermelon (Allergen Specific IgE)
EPIC: LAB7782, Beaker: XWTRMIGE, Warde: RF329

Wellbutrin®, Bupropion, EPIC: LAB6186, Beaker: XWELL, ARUP: 2010357

West Nile Antibody, IgG and IgM
Viral Encephalitis, Arbovirus Ab, Mosquito- and bird-borne Virus Ab, EPIC: LAB7617, Beaker: XARIM, Mayo: WNS

Wet Prep Exam
Trichomonas, Trich, Trichomonas vaginalis, Clue Cells, Yeast, Affirm, Vaginosis, Vaginitis, EPIC: LAB5523, SOFT: WP

Wheat (Allergen Specific IgE)
Wheat (f4), Antrim #31390, EPIC: LAB5734, SOFT: EWH

Whey (Allergen Specific IgE)

Whipples Disease Associated DNA by PCR, Non-Blood
Whipples Disease Associated Bacillus (Tropheryma whipplei) DNA Detection, Biopsy and Fluid, EPIC: LAB6187, Beaker: XWHIP, Mayo: TWRP

White Ash (Fraxinus americana) (Allergen Specific IgE)
White Ash (t15), Fraxinus americana, EPIC: LAB6741, SOFT: EWHI

White Bean / Navy Bean (Allergen Specific IgE)
White Bean/Navy Bean (f15), Antrim #30420, EPIC: LAB5735, SOFT: EWBN

White Faced Hornet (Allergen Specific IgE)
White Faced Hornet Venom (i2), Antrim #30030, EPIC: LAB5738, SOFT: EWHF

White Pine (Allergen Specific IgE)
Pinus strobus, White Pine Tree, White Pine (t16), Antrim #31665, EPIC: LAB5736, SOFT: EWHP

White Potato (Allergen Specific IgE)
White Potato (f35), Antrim #30025, EPIC: LAB5737, SOFT: EWHO

Willow (Allergen Specific IgE)
Salix species, Willow Tree, Willow (t12), Antrim #31660, EPIC: LAB5739, SOFT: EWIL

Wormwood (Allergen Specific IgE)

Wow (test)

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