Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

RVS & Compendium Updates

  • Specimen Requirements and Information – Corewell Health Laboratory clients of Royal Oak, Troy, Grosse Pointe and Farmington Hills please visit this Laboratory Test Directory. Corewell Health Laboratory clients of Dearborn, Wayne, Trenton and Taylor please click on link to download Corewell Health Dearborn, Wayne, Trenton and Taylor Test Directory.

  • Reporting Options – Please discuss the varied reporting options with your Corewell Health representative. They will work with you to choose your best option.

  • Ordering Options – Please contact your Corewell Health representative, or contact Customer Service for Royal Oak, Troy, Grosse Pointe, & Farmington Hills at 800-551-0488, and Customer Service for Corewell Health Dearborn, Wayne, Trenton and Taylor at 800-245-3725.

Respiratory Virus Summaries 2024

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Latest Compendium Updates

These are the latest updates for the Corewell Health compendium within your EHR. This will ensure that the tests you request are ordered in a correct and timely manner. If you have any questions regarding the update or which update list to choose please contact your Corewell Health representative or Client Services at 800-551-0488.

Compendium 2023

Compendium 2022

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