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Specimen Collection Manual: 24 Hour Urine, Inpatient


24 hr urine container
  • Obtain a 24 Hour Urine container from the STAT Laboratory (Royal Oak) or Specimen Processing (Grosse Pointe and Troy). Nursing/support staff must present LIS collection label(s) for all tests requested. 
  • NOTE: On occasion a "P-Splitter" container will be issued (above, right) instead of a regular 24 Hour container.
  • The Lab Tech/Clerk will refer to the Lab Test Directory for 24 Hour Urine tests, dispense any required preservative, and affix appropriate safety labels.
  • The Lab Tech/Clerk will record the requested test(s), preservative requirements, and Tech/Clerk employee ID on the 24 Hour Urine Collection Card.


  • The Lab Tech/Clerk will affix the LIS collection label(s) to the back of the 24 Hour Urine Collection Card. The test requests written on the card must match the test(s) on the LIS collection label(s).
  • The Collector (Nursing) completes the information on the card, including patient name, collection BEGUN time and date, and container number. 

Specimen Collection Criteria

Regular 24 Hour Urine Container

  • The patient should empty his/her bladder at a convenient time in the morning, and discard this urine. Record this time and date on the card as the collection BEGUN time.
  • Save all urine passed during the day and the following night. Pour each sample at once into the collection container. Keep the container on fresh ice or refrigerated.
  • The following morning, at the same hour that the test was started, the patient should make the final collection by emptying the bladder completely and adding this urine to the collection container. Record this time and date on the card as the collection END time.
  • If only one container is used, fill in CONTAINER NO. 1 of 1 CONTAINERS. If a second container is necessary during the collection period, complete the second card completely and fill in the number of containers used for each specimen collected (eg. 1 of 2 and 2 of 2).

P-Splitter Container

  • Follow the same collection steps listed above, except pour the specimen into the P-Splitter container as follows:
    • Loosen the caps of both containers.
    • Pour each urine sample through the P-Splitter funnel.
    • Follow through with a quick, uninterrupted pouring motion.
    • Keep the urine level as high in the funnel as possible (do NOT dribble or pour slowly).
  • Disassemble the P-Splitter after the 24 hour collection is complete as follows:
    • Tighten the caps of both containers.
    • Remove the P-Splitter funnel and insert it into the plastic bag provided for disposal.
    • Insert the two red plugs provided into the container holes.
    • Cover the plugs thoroughly with the attached labels.
    • Do NOT remove the elastic band which holds the two containers.


  • The Collector (Nursing/Support Staff) delivers the container(s) to the STAT Laboratory (Royal Oak) or Specimen Processing (Grosse Pointe and Troy). If more than one container is used, connect the containers together with a string, rubber band, or tie-wrap and send both containers at the same time.


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