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Iso (Allo) Hemagglutinin Titer

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Specimen Collection Criteria

Collect: One Pink-top EDTA tube, properly labeled. (Minimum Volume: 5.0 mL)

It is extremely important that blood samples are accurately labeled. Inpatient labels must include the following information:

  1. Patient's Name: Complete name, last name first. If the patient uses a first initial followed by a middle name, both must appear in proper order on the label.
  2. Wrist Band Number: Include the prefix letters, 4 numbers, and a suffix letter (example: BR1234T). Specimens lacking this complete information cannot be used for blood transfusion purposes.
  3. Hospital Identification Number: The seven digit medical record number must be included on the label.
  4. Date and Time Collected
  5. Identification of Collector: Employee ID number must be on the sample tube or documented in the computer system.

For Beaumont Reference Laboratory (Outreach) patients, please refer to the Laboratory Bulletin on Laboratory Specimens: How to Label Correctly

Physician Office/Draw Specimen Preparation

Maintain specimen at room temperature (20-26°C or 68-78.8°F) or refrigerated (2-8°C or 36-46°F) prior to transport.

Preparation for Courier Transport

Transport: Whole blood at room temperature (20-25°C or 68-77°F) or refrigerated (2-8°C or 36-46°F).

Rejection Criteria

  • Improperly labeled specimens.
  • Specimens with inadequate volume.
  • Specimens collected in SST tubes.
  • Specimens contaminated with IV fluids.
  • Hemolyzed specimens will be tested only in emergency situations. 

In-Lab Processing

Centrifuge the specimen upon receipt in the Laboratory.


Specimen Stability for Testing:

Room Temperature (20-26°C or 68-78.8°F): 24 hours
Refrigerated (2-8°C or 36-46°F): 72 hours
Frozen (-20°C/-4°F or below): Unacceptable

Specimen Storage in Department Prior to Disposal:

Refrigerated (2-8°C or 36-46°F): Specimens are held for a minimum of 7 days.

*Once a sample arrives in Blood Bank, it cannot be shared with other laboratories.


Royal Oak Transfusion Medicine Laboratory (Blood Bank)


Monday – Friday, 6:30 am–3:00 pm.
Results available within 24 hours.

Test Methodology



By report.

Clinical Utility

  • Ordinarily, people possess antibodies directed toward the A and/or B antigen absent from their own rbcs. Titration of these antibodies is most often requested for the assessment of solid organ transplant compatibility.
  • Historically, Iso Hemagglutinin Titers were obtained to check for immunodeficiency in young children (9 months to 2 years) suspected to have a disease state associated with absent or abnormally low allohemagglutinins.


  1. AABB Technical Manual, current edition.
  2. Royal Oak Blood Bank Procedure Manual.

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