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Coumadin Injury Protocol EC

Coumadin Injury Protocol – EC

Test Codes

EPIC: O137854


Blood Bank


  • It is of utmost importance to call the Blood Bank immediately when initiating this protocol to facilitate immediate blood product preparation. The only way to initiate this protocol is by contacting the Blood Bank directly. Order a Type and Screen immediately.
  • This protocol is available to Emergency Center patients.

Specimen Collection Criteria

  • No specimen is required to initiate the Coumadin Injury Protocol, but it is required in order to provide crossmatch compatible products.
  • Without a completed Type and Screen, Emergency Issue of Blood and Blood Products will be provided until the Type and Screen is completed.
  • A Type and Screen specimen should be collected as soon as possible and preferably prior to the administration of uncrossmatched blood products.
    • Collect: One Pink-top EDTA tube, properly labeled. (Minimum Volume: 5.0 mL)
    • Also acceptable: (For Nursery Patients) One Pink-top EDTA Microtainer®, properly labeled. (Minimum Volume: 0.5 mL) 


Farmington Hills Transfusion Medicine Laboratory (Blood Bank)
Grosse Pointe Transfusion Medicine Laboratory (Blood Bank)
Royal Oak Transfusion Medicine Laboratory (Blood Bank)
Troy Transfusion Medicine Laboratory (Blood Bank)
Dearborn Transfusion Medicine Laboratory (Blood Bank)
Taylor Transfusion Medicine Laboratory (Blood Bank)
Trenton Transfusion Medicine Laboratory (Blood Bank)
Wayne Transfusion Medicine Laboratory (Blood Bank)


  • This protocol is performed STAT.
  • Uncrossmatched blood products are available immediately.
  • Crossmatch compatible blood products will be available once the Type and Screen is completed and on file in the Blood Bank.

Test Methodology

Coumadin Injury Protocol consists of two EMERGENCY ISSUE OF BLOOD AND BLOOD PRODUCTS Plasma units and a Type and Screen.

Clinical Utility

The Coumadin Injury Protocol-EC is used to provide plasma as quickly and efficiently as possible to an injured patient taking Coumadin.

CPT Codes

Codes as required for blood products appropriate for the patient. 86900 (ABO), 86901 (Rh), 86850 (Ab Screen).


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