Beaumont Laboratory is changing the collection devices used for Ova and Parasite testing. This will go into effect on September 13, 2022.

Antigen Screen Required

99.5 % of positive tests are detected with the Ova and Parasite Antigen Screen. The direct Ova and Parasite test can only be ordered by lab. Patients must have the antigen screening first. Download our lab bulletin for more information.


O and P Test Discontinuation Lab Bulletin

Comprehensive Ova and Parasite Review Approval Form

If a patient has a negative antigen screen, but a parasite is still suspected, please complete the attached form and submit with a specimen. Refer to the Lab Test Directory for collection instructions as they do differ. 

Ova and Parasite Antigen Screen

Comprehensive Ova and Parasite Tests Instruction

Comprehensive O and P Approval Form