Chemistry Technologist Program

Program Highlights

  • Offered in the Beaumont Laboratory disciplines of Chemistry and Special Testing as determined by the MLS Advisory Committee and Laboratory Administration.

  • Approximate 4.0-5.0 month curriculum under the auspices of the Beaumont Royal Oak NAACLS accredited School of Medical Laboratory Science.

  • Available to internal Beaumont Laboratory employees with 2 years’ clinical laboratory work experience or previously interviewed MLS applicants.

  • Applicant must submit completed MLS program application, essential functions, personal statements and other requested documents as located on the Beaumont MLS Program webpage.

  • Applicant must meet the approval of the MLS Admission Committee to ensure GPA and pre-requisite coursework to meet both program admission and certification agency requirements.



Admission Requirements

  1. U.S. baccalaureate of science degree in Microbiology, Biology, Chemistry or Biochemistry

  2. GPA of 2.8 or higher – both overall and in MLS discipline-specific courses

  3. Pre-requisite U.S. college course:
    a. Required: Clinical Chemistry with lab & Clinical Immunology 
    b. Preferred: Body Fluids and Clinical Hematology

  4. Strong adult learner characteristics (organized, independent, capable of self-study when indicated)

  5. Permanent U.S. resident or authorization to work in the U.S.

  6. High faculty and employer recommendations

  7. Previous work experience preferred

  8. Ability to pay $3,000 program tuition

Email completed application and other documents to

Required Forms

Click on link below to download the necessary form:

  • Chemistry Technology Program Application
        and Personal Statement
  • Academic Course Plan Form
  • Recommendation Form
  • Essential Functions Form
  • Personal Statements (see last page of application)

    For more information...

    For more information and complete details about the application and interview process, please contact:

    Nancy Ramirez, M.S., MLS(ASCP)SH
    Program Director, School of Medical Laboratory Science
    Manager, Beaumont Education Programs

    Beaumont Hospital 
    3601 W. Thirteen Mile Road 
    Royal Oak, Michigan 48073-6769 
    Phone: 248-898-9079 

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