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Here is what we have found for you. To view details of a test, click on its name. If you have a question, please contact Beaumont Reference Laboratory at 1-800-551-0488.

T Cell Gene Rearrangement By PCR
Gene Rearrangement, T-cell Gene Rearrangement, T-cell gamma Gene Rearrangement, T-cell Receptor, T-cell PCR, Lymphocyte Gene Rearrangement, Gene Test, EPIC: LAB5128, SOFT LAB: MTCLG, SOFT GENE: MTCEL, SOFTPATH: MBCLG

Tacrolimus Level
Prograf, FK506, Tacrolimus/FK506 Level, Antrim #30730, EPIC: LAB5418, SOFT: TACRO

Tamoxifen and Metabolites
Nolvadex®, NMS: 4311SP, EPIC: LAB6529, SOFT: XTAMX

Teichoic Acid Antibody
Teichoic Acid Antibodies, ARUP#50775, EPIC: LAB7093, SOFT: XTECH

Testosterone, Free and Bioavailable, Adult Male
Includes SHBG and Albumin, EPIC: LAB7038, SOFT: TESTM

Testosterone, Free and Bioavailable, Female or Child
Includes SHBG and Albumin., EPIC: LAB6904, SOFT: TESTS

Testosterone, Total, Adult Male
Total Testosterone - Testing for Adult Males, Testosterone, Adult Male, Antrim # 19638, EPIC: LAB7029, SOFT: TESTG

Testosterone, Total, Females or Children
Testosterone, Females and Children, Total Testosterone, Women and Children, EPIC: LAB6725, SOFT: TESTF

TG/6MP (Azathioprine and 6-Mercaptopurine)
Azathioprine, 6-Mercaptopurine, Pro-Predict Metabolites, Prometheus #3200

Thallium, Blood
ARUP #99610, EPIC: LAB6158, SOFT: XTHS

Theophylline Level
Aminophylline, Theodur, Slo-phyllin, Theophylline Level, Serum, Antrim #17140, EPIC: LAB5419, SOFT: THEO

Thiamin, Blood
Vitamin B1, Thiamine, WARDE: VB1WB, EPIC: LAB6159, SOFT: XTHW

Thiocyanate Level
Nitroprusside, Nipride, Antrim #17067, EPIC: LAB5420, SOFT: THIOC

Mellaril®, NMS #4461SP, Order as a Miscellaneous Send Out.

Thrombin Time
TT, Antrim #26447, EPIC: LAB5214, SOFT: TT

Tg, Antrim #31438, EPIC: LAB5822, SOFT: THYGG

Thyroid Autoantibody Panel
Includes: Thyroid Peroxidase Autoantibody (Anti-Microsomal Antibody, Anti-TPO, Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody, TPO) and Anti Thyroglobulin Antibody (Anti-Thyroglobulin, ATG, Anti-Tg, Thyroglobulin Antibody)., EPIC: LAB5823, SOFT: THYPN

Thyroid Peroxidase Autoantibody
Anti-microsomal antibody, anti-TPO, anti-Thyroid Peroxidase, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody (TPO), Antrim #30530, EPIC: LAB5821, SOFT: ATA

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), 3rd Generation
Thyrotropin, Antrim #16970: EPIC: LAB7030, SOFT: TSHG, Cord Blood: EPIC: LAB6598, SOFT: TSHCB

Tiagabine (Gabitril)™
Gabitril™, Gabitril, ARUP: 3001184, Order as miscellaneous send out.

Timothy (Allergen Specific IgE)
Timothy (g6), Phleum pratense, Timothy Grass (g6), Antrim #30405, EPIC: LAB5722, SOFT: ETIM

Tissue for Culture and Histology – Farmington Hills Only

Tissue Transglutaminase (IgA)
TTGA, TTG IgA, Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody, IgA, EPIC: LAB6912, SOFT: TTGAB

Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody, IgG

Tobramycin Level, Serum
Nebcin, TobraDex, LEVEL: Antrim #17515, EPIC: LAB5422, SOFT: TOBRA, PEAK: Antrim #17249, EPIC: LAB5423, SOFT: TOBRP, TROUGH: Antrim 17512, EPIC: LAB5424, SOFT: TOBRT, EID: (Is ONLY performed at Grosse Pointe, Royal Oak and Troy) Antrim #17512, EPIC: LAB5425, SOFT: TOBRD

Tonocard®, NMS: 4488SP, EPIC: LAB6342, SOFT: XTOC

Tomato (Allergen Specific IgE)
Tomato (f25), Antrim #31554, EPIC: LAB5723, SOFT: ETMT

Topiramate Level
Topamax, Antrim #31435, EPIC: LAB5426, SOFT: TOPIR

Total Complement (CH50)
CH50, Complement CH50, Total, Antrim #30240, EPIC: LAB7024, SOFT: CH50G

Total Prostate Specific Antigen (tPSA)
PSA (Total), Prostate Specific Antigen, Total (tPSA), Screening: EPIC: LAB5106, SOFT: PSAS, Diagnostic: EPIC: LAB5105, SOFT: PSAD

Total Triiodothyronine (T3)

Toxic Alcohol Screen, Serum
Methyl Alcohol, Ethyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Dimethyl ketone, Acetone, Methanol, Isopropanol, Ethanol, Toxic Serum Alcohol Screen, Antrim #13180, EPIC: LAB5911, SOFT: ALCSC

Toxocara Antibody
Visceral Larva Migrans Antibody, Larva Migrans Antibody, ARUP #3000472, EPIC: LAB7131, SOFT: XTOX

Toxoplasma gondii by PCR

Toxoplasma IgG
Toxoplasma Antibody, IgG, EPIC: LAB6891, SOFT: TOXIG

Toxoplasma IgM
Toxoplasma Antibody, IgM, EPIC: LAB6892, SOFT: TOXIM

TPMT Enzyme
thiopurine methyltransferase, thiomethytransferase, ARUP #92066, EPIC: LAB6343, SOFT: XTMPT

TPMT Enzyme (Prometheus Laboratories)
thiopurine methyltransferase, thiomethyltransferase, Prometheus #3300

Tramadol Screen, Urine
ConZip, Ultracet, Ultram, Ryzolt, WARDE: UTRM5, EPIC: LAB7573, SOFT: XUTRA

Siderophilin, Antrim #15494, EPIC: LAB5796, SOFT: TRANS

Transfusion Reaction Evaluation
Transfusion Evaluation, Transfusion Reaction, EPIC: LAB5286, SOFT: POST1

Transplant Monitoring Panel
Transplant Monitoring Panel, OKT-3, Flow Cytometry, Transplant Monitoring Panel, EPIC: LAB6412, SOFT: FOKTG

Trazodone Level
Desyrel, Trazodone, Antrim #17061, EPIC: LAB5427, SOFT: TRAZO

Tree Nut Panel (IgE)
Tree Nut Allergy Panel, Tree Nut Panel, EPIC: LAB5724, SOFT: ETREE

Triazolam Level
Halcion®, NMS: 4543SP, Order as a Miscellaneous Send Out.

Trichoderma viride (Allergen Specific IgE)
Trichoderma viride (m15), Antrim #30410, EPIC: LAB5727, SOFT: ETRV

Trichomonas vaginalis by PCR
Trichomoniasis, Trich, Vaginosis, Vaginitis, STI, NAA, NAAT, EPIC: LAB7076, SOFT: ITVG

Tricyclic Antidepressant (TCA) Screen
Elavil, Aventyl, Pamelor, Tofranil, Norpramin, Sinequan, Amitriptyline, Nortriptyline, Imipramine, Desipramine, Doxepin, Antrim #13695, EPIC: LAB5910, SOFT: TCASQ

Tricyclic Antidepressant (TCA) Screen, Urine
Elavil, Aventyl, Pamelor, Tofranil, Norpramin, Sinequan, Amitriptyline, Nortriptyline, Imipramine, Desipramine, Doxepin, EPIC: LAB7095, SOFT: TCASC

Stelazine®, NMS #4660SP, Order as a Miscellaneous Send Out.

Antrim #17098, EPIC: LAB5117, SOFT: TRIG

Triglycerides, Fluid
Fluid Triglycerides (Peritoneal, Pleural), Peritoneal Fluid: EPIC: LAB6951, SOFT: TRPYL, Pleural Fluid, Left: EPIC: LAB6937, SOFT: TRPL2, Pleural Fluid, Right: EPIC: LAB6936, SOFT: TRPLR

Artane®, NMS: 4680, EPIC: LAB6169, SOFT: XTHPL

Trimethadione and Metabolite Level
Tridione®, NMS #4700, Order as a Miscellaneous Send Out.

Fish Odor Syndrome, Trimethylaminuria Test, VolatileAmines, Order as a Miscellaneous Send Out.

Trimipramine Level (including Nortrimipramine)
Surmontil, Trimipramine Level, Antrim #31514, EPIC: LAB5428, SOFT: TRIMP

Tropheryma whipplei, PCR, Blood
Whipples Disease Associated Bacillus (Tropheryma whipplei) DNA Detection-PCR, MAYO: WHIPB, EPIC: LAB6795, SOFT: XWHPB

Troponin I
Cardiac Troponin, TnI, Antrim #16950, EPIC: LAB7028, SOFT: TROPG

Trout (Allergen Specific IgE)
Fish, Trout (f204), Antrim #31494, EPIC: LAB5728, SOFT: ETRO

Trypanosoma cruzi, IgG
Chagas Disease, ARUP #51076, EPIC: LAB6344, SOFT: XTCRG

Trypanosoma cruzi, IgM
Chagas Disease, ARUP #51075, EPIC: LAB6345, SOFT: XTCRM

Mast Cell Tryptase, MAYO: TRYPT, EPIC: LAB6171, SOFT: XTRYP

TSH (3rd Generation) with Reflex to FrT4
TSH (3rd Generation) with Reflex to Free T4, Directed TSH, dir-TSH, TSH, Directed, TSH Reflex, Reflex TSH, Free T4 Reflex, Reflex FT4, EPIC: LAB6903, SOFT: TSHR1

TSH Receptor Antibody (TRAb)
TBII, Thyrotropin Binding Inhibiting Immunoglobulins, Thyroid Stimulating, ARUP #2002734, EPIC: LAB6172, SOFT: XTRAB

Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha
Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha, ARUP #51539, EPIC: LAB6347, SOFT: XTNFA

Tuna (Allergen Specific IgE)
Tuna Fish (f40), Fish, Tuna (f40), Antrim #31499, EPIC: LAB5729, SOFT: ETUN

Turkey (Allergen Specific IgE)
Turkey (f284), Antrim #30415, EPIC: LAB5730, SOFT: ETRK

Type and Screen
Type/Screen, EPIC: LAB5274, SOFT: TS

Tysabri Antibody
Tysabri® Antibody, Natalizumab, FOCUS #19215, EPIC: LAB6449, SOFT: XTYAB

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