Lab results are too important to go anywhere else

Beaumont Laboratory

Time Honored Tradition

Beaumont Laboratory has a time honored tradition of placing patient safety and high quality healthcare at the top of our operating priorities. Our technical capability, comprehensive expertise, precise, accurate, and timely results are a benchmark in patient care excellence. Combining these strengths and leadership culture with a daily focus toward future innovations, we can unlock this same potential of excellence in patient care for our clients, providing you access to a total laboratory partner. We are fully engaged in helping make timely and effective patient care decisions, allowing us to serve as your trusted and valued adviser.

Tomorrow’s problems and issues will be infinitely greater, impacting the healthcare industry faster than ever before. It is integral to gain insight to combat these sweeping changes. We will transfer our knowledge to proactively present testing solutions and services uniquely positioned for your laboratory.

Comprehensive Expertise

You will benefit from experienced, leading experts who understand complex cases, with availability to consultative services that explain the diagnosis and deliver analytical accuracy surpassing published standards. From basic to very complex testing, our leading experts have a reputation for superior competence.

Precise, Accurate, Timely Results

You can rely on great confidence in making the right diagnosis and treatment plan regardless of how complex or unique the case might be. The combination of state-of-the-art methodologies, collaborative analysis, and multidisciplinary approach ensures the highest level of expertise and analytical accuracy.

Partner in Patient Care

You can count on the expertise of the Beaumont Laboratory to provide the highest quality services with an invested team to assist and optimize patient care. Beaumont Laboratory works in partnership with pathologists and physicians to deliver precise analysis and empathetic patient care through its collaborative, multi-disciplined team of highly experienced hospital-based leading experts.

These values are shared by everyone in our organization and recognized throughout the healthcare industry. They distinguish us from our competitors and are a source of pride for our highly skilled and dedicated employees. Beaumont Laboratory looks forward to serving you and invites you to learn more about us.

Beaumont Laboratory Education is in our DNA

Beaumont Pathology Residency Program

We have an all encompassing teaching staff composed of 32 primary and sub-specialty Board certified pathologists, seven Ph.D.'s, and a vast array of certified laboratory technologists and scientists.

Pathology Fellowship

These four structured programs (Blood Bank/Transfusion, Chemical Pathology, Cytopathology, Hematopathology) provide extensive, specialized experiences to further prepare individuals for a successful career in pathology and laboratory medicine.

School of Medical Laboratory Science

Established in 1966, the Beaumont School of Medical Laboratory Science provides instruction in the application of theory and ethical practice of clinical laboratory science.

School of Histotechnology

The Beaumont School of Histotechnology accepts only two histologic technicians and four histotechnologist students per year who meet specific academic prerequisites.